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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

of dry-hire.com GmbH

1. Scope

The terms of use stipulated below contain set of usage regulations of the dry-hire.com industry platform governing all legal transactions between commercial users and dry-hire.com GmbH. The platform is operated by dry-hire.com GmbH, based at Konrad-Zuse-Platz 8, 81829 Munich, represented by the management named in the imprint. Any terms and conditions of portal users deviating from these terms shall not apply.

2. Contractual Object

dry-hire.com GmbH provides users with an integrated online industry solution for offering and searching for dry-hire rental items, whereby the platform shall not be used for the conclusion of hire contracts but solely serves the purpose of making contact rapidly. In this context, dry-hire.com does not offer any articles of its own. Only commercial users with their own hire and rental business are eligible to become dry-hire.com users.

3. Registration

a) Login / registration is a fundamental prerequisite in order to make use of the service.
b) By registering, a contract of use of the online platform is concluded between the user and dry-hire.com GmbH. Registration and setting up a user account as well subaccounts for employees are subject to payment of an annual fee.
c) Minors, natural persons with limited legal capacity, individuals and professionals not verifiably pursuing commercial hire / rental activities shall not be permitted to register. Should registration still be made and the annual user fee be paid as well, the dry-hire.com operators reserve the right to withhold any fees paid and to block access to the online platform. The right to claim damages or reimbursement is non-existent.
d) The user shall be obliged to truthfully and completely state any data and information specified when registering.
e) By registering and paying the annual fee, the user accepts the GTC of dry-hire.com GmbH and assures not to be barred from usage on grounds stipulated in 3c.
f) dry-hire.com reserves the right to repeal the registration of users in case of suspicion of misuse or unlawful use. In this case, any fees paid shall not be reimbursed.
g) Should the user have a voucher code for free use of the platform valid for one year, this voucher code has to be entered when registering.
h) As far as technically possible, the user defines one or several user names and corresponding passwords when registering. User names that infringe the right of third parties or are not in full compliance with the existing legislative framework or transgress standards of public decency are inacceptable. The user shall be obliged to keep all access data secret and to protect them against access by third parties. Should the access data no longer be known to the contracting partner or should this data be illegally used by third parties, the user shall be obliged to inform dry-hire.com immediately.
i) Subaccounts can be set up with every primary user account.
j) dry-hire.com is entitled to block the user account immediately:

  • if inaccurate information is provided when registering.
  • if information on prices or other details on terms and conditions are provided together with articles.
  • if improper use or use not in compliance with the GTC can be assumed on the part of the user or the user account.
  • if it can be assumed that the user or the user account has put online obviously non-existent rental items or rental items that are not owned by the user or user account.
  • if users put other users’ articles online.
  • if articles are put online several times in order to manipulate search results.
  • if illegal offers or offers not compliant with applicable law are put online.
  • if articles are put online that are typically not dealt with in the dry hire business.
  • if images are put online that do not depict the rental articles offered.
  • if users set up subaccounts that are not used by their own employees.

4. Contacting and Conclusion of Rental Contracts

a) dry-hire.com is not involved in the conclusion of contracts.
b) dry-hire.com enables the search for articles and the rapid establishment of contacts. For this purpose, the platform provides telephone and postal contact details as well as an internal chat solution.
c) Contracts are concluded between the lenders without the involvement of dy-hire.com and outside the online platform.
d) dry-hire.com shall not assume any liability of any kind for fraudulent use of the platform. The users shall be obliged to mutually check each other in accordance with the established practice and to verify the contracting parties’ identities prior to the conclusion of contracts.

5. Usage of Personal Data

Should any contact data and personal data of others be obtained via the dry-hire.com platform, it is prohibited to pass on this information to third parties without the rights holder’s consent or to use them for illegal advertising purposes. dry-hire.com shall not assume any liability in case of misuse.

6. Termination of Contract and of the Usage of dry-hire.com

Contracts concluded between dry-hire.com and users do not automatically expire.

7. Liability and Indemnification

a) dry-hire.com shall not assume any liability for articles and information put online incorrectly and improperly or for any resulting damage.
b) dry-hire.com shall not assume any liability for damage that may be caused by inaccessibility of the portal.
c) The user shall indemnify dry-hire.com against any claims by third parties which they assert on account of online content.

8. Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Munich or the headquarters of the dry-hire.com operating company, respectively. The contract solely applies to applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany or its administrative organisation put in place by superior law, respectively, excluding UN sales law and conflict of laws.

9. Modification of GTC

The portal operator reserves the right to amend the GTC to apply to newly introduced functions. Should such modifications be made, dry-hire.com commits to informing its users at least four weeks prior to these amendments entering into force. If the user does not object in written form within two weeks, their consent shall be deemed to be given. Should consent not be given, dry-hire.com shall be obliged to reserve the right to cancel the user account.

10. Putting dry-hire Rental Items online

a) The dry-hire.com user is provided with the opportunity of putting rental items online and to offer them to other lenders via the online service.
b) The offering party commits to providing an unambiguous description of the articles put online so that the online system can include them in the search result to match the search criteria.
c) The offering party shall be obliged, if known, to state the producer’s article designation in the description.
d) The offering party is to verifiably own or rightfully possess the articles put online. Articles owned by other lenders must not be put online.
e) The provision of additional details that are meant to influence the search result to the lender’s advantage or to manipulate the person searching is prohibited
f) Stating rental prices and terms and conditions is strictly prohibited.
g) The offering party commits to deleting articles from the portal that no longer exist or are no longer available for hire.
h) The number of articles to be put online or to be searched per user is not limited and is entirely covered by the annual fee.
i) Articles put online must be in stock at the storage site specified or always available, respectively.

11. Branch businesses

Should a company have branches in various locations, a primary user account is to be set up for each location and the articles available there.

12. Charges/Prices

a) Setting up a primary user account as well as subaccounts for employees and for putting online an unlimited number of truly existing articles is free.
b) Subaccounts for employees can be set up free of charge and are bound to the primary account with regards to the period of validity and use. Concerning the administration of articles put online, subaccounts have the same rights as the primary user account.
c) Naturally, commissions and further fees shall not be charged.
d) Payment for additional services can only be made via PayPal.